Is your data center

keeping up with your growth? 


Thinking of moving to a Colocation?

We can take you from white space to equipment ready, and save you up to 30% in overall project costs in the process. Experience the peace of mind that comes from letting data center infrastructure experts handle each element of your data center build-out or migration.



Delivering a better data center build out, faster.

The traditional model of building out data centers involves multiple layers of distributers and sub-contractors. Each new layer adds cost and the potential for delay or miscommunication. Instor believes in doing away with the middle man. We have direct relationships with manufacturers and can expedite your timeline. We also incorporate 25 years of IT expertise to ensure that every component of your data center build out enhances your operation. Faster deployments. Better IT insights. Reduced overall costs. 



·   CAD Design/Layout

·   Electrical Design

·   Structured Cabling Design

·   Optimized Technology Selection




·   Server/Network Cabinets

·   UPS and Room Power Systems 

·   Cabinet Power strips



·   Hot/Cold Aisle Containment 

·   Infrastructure Management    

·   Precision Cooling Solutions

·   Accessories



·   Project Management

·   Logistics Management

·   Long Term Support



·   Migration Planning

·   Data Center Migration

·   Rack and Stack Services



·   Maintenance Agreements

·   Data Center Cleaning


·   Decommissioning

·   Patch and Power Cord Inventories




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